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When you need to go away, we offer two pet sitting options.

In-Home Pet Sitting - where one of our staff stays at your place with your pup. House sitting tasks such as mail, trash, and plants can be provided. Cats, birds, fish, etc can also be cared for.

Home Boarding - where your pup comes home with one of our staff to be loved and treated as our own.

Both In-Home Pet Sitting and Home Boarding are $75 per 24 hour period and include the daily group hikes with the cost of service.

All overnight services are available for hiking clients only. Owners going away can be very stressful on our pets. We believe that in order to stay with a pup at their place, or bring a pup comfortably into our home, it is important for us to know your dog well and for their routine to be as normal as possible. Because of this, we will only provide overnight services for current hiking clients.

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